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Code Now

How we started.

We are a group of active citizens that aim to improve our learners lives through introducing them to technology. We provide Digital skills training to learners so that they are not scared of using computers to enhance the learning process. We take it upon ourselves to introduce computational thinking and coding skills to communities that experience some of the greatest challenges to adoption of technology.

It is adoption of technology at an early that equips learners to be confident and become competitive citizens later in their lives. While learners will have access to smartphones, most don’t understand that they can learn and upskill themselves through smartphones and tablet devices that may be at their disposal. There are low-tech means we also employ to develop computational thinking skills workshops to those that struggle most with adopting technology. Some of our successes include collaborating with 10 schools in NW and WC and touching over 1 300 learners’ lives in the past 4 years.

Initiative Drivers


Keoikantse Tsholofelo

Founder & Course Developer


Mojalefa Phakedi

Master Trainer


Kopano Mokone

Junior Trainer